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Champagne design on a cider budget

One expensive item can make the cheaper pieces look expensive according to interior designer Susan Llewellyn.

The award winning designer, who has her academy of interior design, caught up with us at the Ideal Home Show to talk about high-end decorating on a low-end budget.

“Your home should be about expressing who you are and acknowledging your identity,” she said.

“You can make a room look expensive on a budget.”

Ms Llewellyn suggests starting with a wish list or ideas board where you can use pictures and samples to help you create your space.

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Alice in Wonderland homewares

Alice in Wonderland homewares can bring the fantasy world with grinning cats and tardy rabbits to life in your home.

An Alice in Wonderland inspired piece can be an incredibly charming addition to any room or home.

We have scoped out some beautiful pieces that would make Alice herself green with envy.

If you want to go big and create a real wonderland in your own home we think the garden is a good place to start.

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Retro furniture trends 2012

Retro furniture trends have hit the mainstream market with a bang in 2012.
Many furniture designers are producing pieces to look older rather than new in order to grab some of the retro market spending.
A big trend this year in the retro market has been fluorescent or bright colours.
The bright colours bring a modern twist to previously retro or aged furniture pieces and are also very appealing to younger consumers.

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