Alice in Wonderland homewares

Alice in Wonderland homewares can bring the fantasy world with grinning cats and tardy rabbits to life in your home.

An Alice in Wonderland inspired piece can be an incredibly charming addition to any room or home.

We have scoped out some beautiful pieces that would make Alice herself green with envy.

If you want to go big and create a real wonderland in your own home we think the garden is a good place to start.

Imagine coming outside only to find the flowers have grown up around you just like Alice in Wonderland.

Well no need to imagine with extra large Tulip lights available from

The lights pictured above are magical looking and available in a range of heights and colours.

For both inside and outside the house the same company has an amazing light that looks like a cloud.

The light dangles above as if you are a tiny ant in an over scaled world and can be used anywhere you have the capacity to hang it.


Many people buy several of the lights and hang them in a group from a patio to give it a cloudy sky.

One of the most memorable moments of Alice in Wonderland is the Mad Hatter’s tea party.

This very scene is encapsulated in a print available at

We suggest ordering the print large and putting it on the wall in your dining room.

To finish the look get an array of gorgeous tea cups in different styles and colours and set them around the table.

Finish with a cake stand in the middle and you have your very own unbirthday party.

We have found some lovely tea cups and matching saucers for the table setting.


Pictured are a white and gold ornate saucer from Seek and Adore which also has a cake stand of a similar design.

And a vintage set from The Beehive, which really look the part.


You can’t have Alice in Wonderland without the White Rabbit. also does a lovely sketch print of the White Rabbit in a rush which just evokes the phrase in your mind; ‘I’m late. I’m late for a very important date’.

It would be difficult to lose track of time however with these aged Roman numeral decorative pieces from Home Barn.


The numerals could go in the garden or on a shelf or put them in the middle of your tea party arrangement.

For those who want to get a bit creative the Home Barn also does little glass chemistry bottles.

But with a ribbon and a tag these could easily become the potions which shrink Alice during her escapades in Wonderland before a biscuit turns her into a giant.

Finally, nothing could be more inspired by the story than a rose covered croquet pitch.

If you already have rose bushes simply head to your local sport supply store and pick up a set to put around the yard.

We love Alice in Wonderland pieces here in the office so be sure to Tweet us any pictures of imaginative items you have found.