Retro furniture trends 2012

Retro furniture trends have hit the mainstream market with a bang in 2012.
Many furniture designers are producing pieces to look older rather than new in order to grab some of the retro market spending.
A big trend this year in the retro market has been fluorescent or bright colours.
The bright colours bring a modern twist to previously retro or aged furniture pieces and are also very appealing to younger consumers.

The French Bedroom Company has been one of the design houses to jump on the band wagon and create an entire retro line.
The neon-tastic Autumn/Winter collection sees a splash of colour over previously traditional pieces.
The La Table de Rouen, pictured above, is a French provincial piece with a makeover.
Its bright aesthetic and gold trimming is very eye-catching.

One of the boldest products is the fluoro fringe floor lamp which comes in a collection of three colours.
Match with the piggy pink cowhide floor rug and passion pink floor length mirror for a real colour pop.
Pink seems to be the retro furniture colour of choice but a strong blue or turquoise is also a popular option.
If you want to get involved in the retro look but don’t want to commit to an entire room design, use the blue furniture pieces in a nautical styled room or even a rustic look.

For more details see the collection online.